Opt Out Permission Form

Parents of kindergarten and first grade students are required by the Helena Public Schools Transportation Department to meet the bus in the morning and afternoons.

The program was created to ensure the safe delivery of our most vulnerable student population. A parent or a designated individual is required to escort all kindergarten and first grade students’ home.

Please fill out and sign this document if you would like to exercise your parental rights to allow your kindergarten and/or first grade child to be let off the bus without having a parent, legal guardian or designated person present.

Student Name*
PM Route/Bus Number
Parent/Guardian Name

I have read and fully understand the afford mentioned procedures and nature of my request, therefore I agree to indemnify and hold Helena Public Schools and First Student Transportation harmless for any and all injuries, accidents or other misfortunes that may occur to my child from the time that he/she is dropped off at their designated bus stop.

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