Released investigative report finds no misconduct by Brisko

After the Helena Public Schools District rang up a $12,650 attorney bill for investigating a complaint filed against Capital High School girls soccer coach Nan Brisko, a majority of the school board trustees chose to set aside the attorney’s findings at an April 27 board meeting.

Beth O’Halloran, who works for the school district’s attorney, Elizabeth “Bea” Kaleva, interviewed 38 individuals and reviewed more than 100 pages of documents and made a finding of “no misconduct” by Brisko.

However, the majority of the trustees voted to, in effect, overrule the attorney’s report and a decision by the district’s athletic director, Jim Opitz, to keep Brisko as coach.

They voted 5 to 3 to open up Brisko’s position and accept applications.

Opposing the motion were school board trustees Terry Beaver, Libby Goldes and Betsy Baur.

Board chairman Aidan Myhre and trustees Libbi Lovshin, Sarah Sullivan, Karen Goldsberry and Cherche Prezeau voted in favor.

Following the board vote, the two girls soccer assistant coaches, Lindsey Gilstrap and Alex Nyland, resigned on the spot.

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