One Class at a Time: Kristen Lyndes

Kristen Lyndes teaches fifth grade at Smith Elementary and as this week’s One Class at at Time recipient, she hopes to improve the learning experience for students who have sensory issues.

First Interstate Bank and KXLH recently presented Lyndes with a $250 check.

Lyndes plans on buying materials to create “sensory stations.”

The work spaces can be used by all students but are geared more toward those who have sensory issues and struggle with organizational skills.

The stations allow students to stand and move around.

Lyndes said the sensory stations will also help her students to regain focus and learn at the same time.

Lyndes said, “I feel that movement provides students an opportunity as you can see in my classroom with all the ball chairs and the wiggle seats, better focus. It allows them to concentrate on me instead of thinking about where or how uncomfortable they might be.”

The sensory stations come equipped with sensory and educational materials as well as hands-on learning games.

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