Westside Flag Football

Ages:                1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grades.

Game Dates:    September 4th – October 12th.

(Games will be played on Tues/Thurs.)

(Practice starts the week before 1st game)

  Price:                $40.00 Includes mouth piece and Jersey!

Registration Due before August 1st.  (Postmarked by Aug 1st is OK)

***Absolutely no late registration will be allowed! Sorry! ***

Goals:     Have Fun and introduce the great game of football.

Teach individual techniques and learn teamwork.

Team Information:

            All Teams will practice one to two nights a week.

All Teams will play 5 Games.

Each Team will be a special guest at a Bruin Football Game.

This League will be a limited contact league. Players will be required to wear mouth pieces at all times, but no football pads will be used. The game will be Fast and Fun!

Any questions please call: Dick McMahon (dmcmahon@helenaschools.org) at 459-0119 for 3rd and 4th grades or Reid Christensen (rchristensen@helenaschools.org) at 431-2498 for 1st and 2nd grades. 

Please use this link to get to the registration form: Westside Flag Football League 2017

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