Helena 7th Graders Chance Meeting with Lieutenant Governor

Last Friday, 7th Graders at the Helena Middle School took a walking field trip to the Montana Historical Society and State Capitol Complex to learn about Montana State History, civics, land, architecture, and art history.

While touring the Capitol, Ms. Lori Smith’s advisor class decided to try their luck to see if they could peek inside the Governor’s office.  According to Smith, “We stopped by the Governor’s office and asked if we could say hello to the Lieutenant Governor… His staff said yes!”  The Lieutenant Governor and his staff – namely Korbin Bragstad – graciously offered an in-depth tour of the Governor’s office and meeting rooms.  The Lieutenant Governor also shared personal stories, civics lessons, and some history of the office paintings and unique furniture in the offices.

Of the tour, Smith said, “It was an honor and privilege to meet the Lieutenant Governor.  He made each of us feel special and valued.”

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