Helena School Bus Driver wins safety award! – video attached

Katee Horner, driver of bus 31,  won 2nd place in the Safety portion in First Students “Be First Awards”. She traveled to Cincinnati to receive this award and share her story.

Katee was nominated by her peers and was selected as a finalist.  Over 600 nominations were made that included 7  categories.

When Katee started driving for us she became concerned for the safety of some of her students who were standing at their bus stop. At several stops there are not streetlights and/or sidewalks. She knew where the students would be standing, but would other motorists? Katee had to find a way for her kids to be seen! Using her military background Katee started providing some students with reflective belts. Word got around to local businesses and families and they all started pitching in so that each student on bus 31 would have a reflective belt available.

To read the entire story from the KTVH website, please click HERE.