Science presentations teach more than the scientific method

At Four Georgians Elementary School, fifth grade students know how to put the presentation in science presentations.  After researching topics and working through the steps of the scientific method, students bring their results – in he form of posters and demonstrations – to school.

The presentations themselves are delivered to a multi-generational audience.  Younger grades wander through the class of presentations and ask questions such as “What’s this?” “How does this work?” and “Can I try?”  As the teachers, parents, and grandparents approach the students, the questions alter a little, ranging from  “Tell me about your project,” to “Why do you think this worked or didn’t work?”

Besides encouraging students to be prepared and knowledgeable on their topics, these science presentations teach students how to adjust their presentation style based on their audience members and basic presentation skills like making good eye contact, speaking clearly, and being approachable.

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