Student Council Swap Days

Middle School Swap Days gives almost 30 students to shadow another student at the opposing middle school.  CR Anderson follow HMS students for a morning, and vice versa the following morning.

Besides participating in classroom discussions and book work, the students really start build relationships by comparing teachers, discussing books they’ve read and like or disliked, and relating to universal questions like ice cream preferences, preferred sports teams, and the dreaded math question that no one – probably in the world – understands.

According to CR Anderson 8th grader and swap participant, Keiran Boyle, Swap Days are the most fun he has every year, and he especially enjoys recognizing HMS students year over year.

It was the desire to create a sense of community and to build these crosstown relationships which lead to the beginning of Swap Days over ten years ago.  Though the crosstown rivalry is still strong in Helena schools, Swap Days may help foster a sense of civility to accompany the rivalry.