Wall of Cupcakes slated to come tumbling down – video attached

All good things must come to an end, including a wall of approximately 2,000 cupcakes at Jim Darcy school.  As teachers, staff, and students would all agree, the transition from an old school to a new school has been an emotional journey.  One of the unexpected twists along the way has been the pending demolition of the legendary “Wall of Cupcakes.”

Over the last 10 years, principal Brian Cummings has been collecting cupcakes from students celebrating their birthdays at Jim Darcy.  Mr. Cummings said of the wall, “It  just morphed into something that was really fun for us. It’s really added to the culture and climate.”  He admitted that he’ll be sad to lose it, primarily for the connection it gave him with the students who brought him their treats.

To learn more, view the video below as reported by KXLH: