All State Music Festival Participants

Our music students from Helena High and Capital High had impressive representation at last week’s All-State Music Festival.  Last week’s participants went through a rigorous evaluation process that included sending audition tapes to an All-State selection committee last May.  That committee then reviewed and scored the tapes prior to selecting the top entries.

Once at the festival, participants first learn the performance music, practice for a day and a half with fellow participants, and then perform to a live audience.

This year’s chosen participants from Helena include the following students:

  • Helena High Choir: Jada Pierson, Chloe Roberts, Colin Nielson, and Caleb Lay
  • Capital High Choir: Wes Bruski sang in the All-State Honor Choir
  • Capital High Orchestra: Zach Boles-Principal Cello (Section Leader), Maren Elliott -Violin II, Braelyn Germaine-Viola, Kylie Heit-Cello, Ali McAllister-Bass, and Christian Zehr-Cello
  • Helena High Orchestra: Owen Cleary-Violin I, Fischer Friend-Bass, Alyson Rake-Viola, and Lenny Triem-Cello
  • Helena High Band: Clare Strode, Kelson Demmons, and Nick Pida
  • Capital High Band: Logan O’Connell-Oboe, Molly Brandt-French Horn, and Charlie Michaletz-Trombone