Virtual Field Day!


Join us all week as we celebrate (Virtual) Field Day 2020. We’ll post activities throughout the week, and we invite you to post the results on our Facebook event or tag #virtualfieldday2020. Share with your friends so they don’t miss an activity!


Three Legged Race
– At least 2 people
– Something to tie your leg to your partner’s leg (rope, shoelace, bandana, etc.)
– Timer if you are going for time instead of racing against someone else.
– Objects to mark the start and finish line

1. Tie your leg to the leg of your partner (use legs that are touching if you are standing hip to hip)
2. Establish a start and a finish line
3. On go, race with your partner to the finish line. If competing against another group, the first one across the line wins
(while still as a partner group). If you are going for time, use a timer to see how fast you can go!

Around the World
– Object able to be thrown (like basketballs, playground balls, rolled up socks, stuffed animals, etc.)
– Basket
– 5 Objects to mark shooting spots

1. Set up 5 spots that you will be shooting from (diagram on the side)
2. Starting at spot 1, shoot until you make it into the basket
3. Once you are successful, move to spot 2. You get two tries to make it at spot 2. If you make it, move to spot 3, if not, move back to spot 1 and start again.
4. Keep track of how many shots it takes to get all the way to spot 5. The person who makes it around the world in the fewest shots, wins!

Balance Ball
-Ball large enough to sit on (Basketball/Soccer ball/exercise ball or any other that is large enough to sit on)

1. Get a family member to time you.
2. Sit on the ball without your feet or hands touching the ground.
4. Time how long you can sit on the ball without touching the ground.
5. Try to break your high score or beat a family member’s time.

Bouncy Pencils
-At least 2 pens
-8 cups
-Table/Hard surface to set cups on

1. Two people are needed to play the game
2. Set up four cups side-by-side on your side of the table
3. Fill all four cups roughly 1/4 full of water
4. On go, try and bounce your pen into each of the four cups on your side.
5. First person to make your pen into each cup, wins!
-If pens are not working, you can also try ping pong balls, quarters, or other objects that you can bounce off of a table.

Cookie Face
– Someone to play against
– Cookies (Oreos work great)

1.Get a cookie and someone to play against. Or, you can time each person who is play-ing.
2.Each person takes one cookie and puts it on their forehead.
3.Try to get the cookie into your mouth without using your hands.
4.The person who can get their cookie into their mouth the fastest without using his/her hands is the winner!

Egg Spoon Race
– Table
– Spoons
– Eggs

1. Figure out distance you want for your starting line (about 10 steps works great)
2. Each Player puts an egg on their spoon
3. Someone says “GO”
4. Players race to the table with their eggs on their spoon
5. Player who gets their egg on the table first without dropping or cracking the egg wins!

 Egg Toss QR codeEgg Toss
-Eggs or something similar that is small and that you can throw

1. Get your partner and your egg
2. Stand three feet or one big step apart to start
3. Toss the egg to your partner.
4. If your partner catches the egg, each person takes one big step back.
5. Keep tossing the egg until it drops, breaks or you run out of room.

You can play against other teams. The team that keeps the egg from breaking the longest is the winner.

Fastest Kid at School
-Markers for a starting line and a finish line. This can be anything you have at home.

1. Put any object at one point where you would start at.
2. Then take 25 big steps in a STRAIGHT line and put the other object there.
4. Go back to the beginning and have somebody time how fast you can run from the first object THROUGH the second object.

Fence Ball
-Tennis Racquet
-Tennis Ball (or something similar)
-Garage door/side of house (or something similar)

1. Get a tennis racquet and a ball, or something you can strike with the tennis racquet
2. Find a partner
3. Find an open wall or side of your house
4. Create a temporary boundary on the ground as big as you want

1. Choose someone to serve the ball first
2. The winner of each point serves the ball
3. The ball must bounce before hitting the wall when serving
4. A point is scored when a player cannot return a shot that bounces off the wall and bounces inside the boundaries
5. Only one bounce is allowed before returning the ball
6. First player to 21 points wins (can vary amount of points you are playing to)

Rocking the Bucket
-Hose or squirt gun
-4 buckets or similar objects
-20 rocks or similar objects

1. Set up the buckets roughly 10 yards apart with two at the starting line, filled with 10 objects each, and two at the other end.
2. On go, put a rock on your spoon and race to get it to the other bucket without dropping it or getting sprayed with water.
3. If you drop the object, you must go back to the start and attempt to make it across the yard again.
4. If you get squirted with the squirt gun, you must freeze for 10 seconds and then try to make it across again.
5. First one to have all 10 rocks/objects into the other bucket wins.
6. If you have a 10 second penalty for being squirted, the squirt gun person can not target you for 10 seconds after you are able to run again.

Super Soaker Race
-Hose or squirt gun
-Objects to mark a start and finish line
-People to participate with you!
-Probably dry clothes afterward 🙂

1. Establish your start and finish lines so everyone knows where they are
2. Fill up your squirt guns or have the hose on and ready to go
3. On go, try and race across the yard without getting wet! Use your dodging skills and spatial awareness to see where the water is going.
4. If you get sprayed, you must wait 10 seconds before you can run again.
5. People with the water have to stay stationary on the side of the yard.
Try it as a relay as well!