COVID-19 Guidance and Q&A

Spring 2022

Can a test result from a home COVID-19 test kit be used for my student to return to school?
Please consult your school nurse.

How will I know if my student is identified as a close contact?
If your student was exposed to a positive COVID-19 case at school or elsewhere and is identified as a Close Contact, you may receive a notice with guidance from your county health department. Health departments will contact family members of close contacts and any close contacts that have high risk health issues. Please follow your county health department’s guidance and stay home if recommended; Obtain a COVID-19 test as instructed.

What instructions will I receive from the health department if I am notified that my child or I are a close contact?
Please see the Lewis & Clark Public Health close contact instructions.

Where can my student be tested for COVID-19?
Please consult with your school nurse. For additional test options, please see the Lewis and Clark County COVID-19 Vaccine and Testing tracker.

What if my student was identified as a close contact and tests negative for COVID?
Please consult with your school nurse before returning your student to school.

Where does Helena Public Schools require masks?
Masks are not currently required.