Human Resources

May Butler Center
55 South Rodney Street
Helena, Montana 59601
Stacy Collette
Human Resources
Tom Foley
Human Resources
Human Resources Specialist II
Rich Franco
Benefits Manager
Deanna Tolman
Human Resources
Substitute Specialist
Maureen Kloker
Human Resources
Human Resource Specialist
Jacqueline Young
Human Resources
Human Resource Specialist
Working in the Helena Public Schools

The Helena Public Schools, as a district, employs about 580 certified staff and 375 classified staff.  The district recruits quality, skilled, and dedicated professionals for employment.  Salaries and benefits for all employees in the Helena Public Schools are very competitive when compared to other districts across Montana and the northwest.  In addition, the district implemented a mentor teacher program for teachers new to the district in an effort to provide more support and guidance for new teachers.

Coronavirus Response Act

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the first response act has been created called Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA).  Please see PDF below for more details.



Due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The Helena Public Schools will not be fingerprinting for background checks at this time.  Thank you!

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