Bus Riding Misconduct

Any student who chooses to continue severe misbehavior or receives more than five conduct reports may be expelled from bus riding privileges for up to one (1) full year, which is defined as three hundred sixty five (365) calendar days.
Severe misbehavior automatically constitutes immediate suspension. This district reserves the right to determine length of suspension based on an independent review of each severe misbehavior on the bus.
Outside of severe misbehavior that constitutes immediate suspension, generally the conduct report will be processed as a warning to parents if misbehavior continues, it could result in a bus suspension.  At first, student will be warned to stop their behavior and if not, will be moved to the front of the bus.  If misbehavior continues, a conduct report will be initiated. With each conduct report, chance of getting suspended increase.  Again, this is handled case by case.
  • First Conduct Report  Students receiving their first written conduct report will be notified of the report by the driver, and parents will be notified through phone call and mail warning further conduct reports could result in suspension from school bus.
  • Second Conduct Report – Students receiving their second written conduct report will be notified by the driver of the report, and parents will be notified by through phone call and mail warning again further conduct reports could result in bus suspension.
  • Third and Subsequent Conduct Reports – When students receive their third and subsequent conduct reports, they are likely to get suspended. Each is reviewed case by case with days of suspension assessed accordingly. This can average from 3 days up to 30 days and in severe cases could result in riding privileges revoked for 365 calendar days. Here again, level of suspensions are on a case by case basis.