checkSchool Bus Registration Form

Registering your children for school does not mean they are also registered nor eligible for school bus transportation.  To find out if your child is eligible for transportation, please visit the Bus Stop page to the right. 

If you are eligible, it may take 3 to 5 days for transportation registration to take effect so please plan accordingly. Keep in mind that if you are eligible and register your children to ride the bus, you must register each year. Failure to register each year means child will not be assigned to a bus for transportation.

checkKindergarten & 1st Grade Riders/Opt-out/Escort form

If a parent or legal guardian is not present at the time of your child’s stop, she/he will not be let off the bus. First Student Dispatch will attempt to contact you and inform you of when the bus will return to your child’s designated stop. If you are not present when the bus returns, your child will be taken to the nearest SACC program. You will be notified where to pick-up your child and will have to pay for the SACC services.

Parents may request someone else be present by filling out the escort portion of the Opt-out/Escort Permission Form.

Parents may opt out of this requirement by filling out the opt-out  portion of the Opt-out/Escort Permission Form.

checkCourtesy Rides

Courtesy stops/rides are given to people who are either ineligible for transportation as a whole or are eligible but are asking for stop not normally authorized.  These are allowed on a case by case basis when certain circumstances exist, such as the stop is already authorized and in place, bus goes by the area, time/length of route or student load permits.