Phase II – Cleaning/Disinfection Protocols

Cleaning/Disinfection efforts remain heightened in Phase II with ongoing procedures for disinfecting spaces, surfaces, and any areas utilized by students, employees, and/or visitors. Associated protocols include:

  • Frequent cleaning and disinfecting of high touch areas are the shared responsibilities of all employees.
  • Disinfection of work areas, counters, restrooms, doorknobs, and stair railings will occur regularly across the school day.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of all hallways, common areas, and the locker exteriors will occur on a daily basis in accordance with the levels of sanitation prescribed by the CDC. CDC/EPA cleaning and Disinfecting Guidance (link) for best practices and approved disinfectants.
  • Employees are encouraged to continually wipe/disinfect counters, fax machines, copiers, telephones, keyboards, and other office supplies.
  • CDC guidelines will be strictly adhered to for the appropriately clean and disinfection of buildings, buses, and playgrounds.
  • Efforts will be made to keep each student’s belongings separated via the use of individually labeled containers, cubbies, and areas.

Classrooms will be provided student-appropriate cleaning supplies to assist with sanitation requirements. As part of their daily classroom-based responsibilities, students may be asked to clean their desks/materials with soap/water solutions. (View the products used for more information.)

Educators will be asked to remove any items/furniture not needed for specific instructional purposes. Removal of these items will allow for maximum physical distancing within classrooms and other common spaces.

Filtration materials have been upgraded to meet the optimal specifications of each school’s mechanical system. As assessment of district-wide ventilation systems has been conducted by a third-party mechanical engineering firm. No less than four (4) air changes per hour of clean air (fresh or purified) is ensured for each classroom.