Phase II – Teaching & Learning Environment

Within Phase II, students and families should expect teaching and learning that closely resembles our normal, in-person environment. Health/safety precautions will necessitate changes to our physical environment; teaching and learning for students attending school in-person will be classroom/cohort-based.

Throughout the year, students should expect the regular use of technology away from school which includes their homework environment. Students will continue to utilize their provided device (laptop, Chromebook, tablet) as part of their normal learning supplies and materials. This will aid students beyond the hours of school in Phase II and allow for a better connection between in-school learning and homework.

Our technology platform remains consistent with Phase I with blended learning continuing but reduced. At this time, students in Phase II attend school in-person four days per week. Therefore, blended learning opportunities will decrease as in-classroom time increases. However, blended learning remains an integral part of our home/school learning environment and is designed to aid student learning during and beyond their in-person classroom time.