Phase II Modified In-Person Learning Format

General Overview

Modified Format: In-person learning environment with a blended learning option available for students that cannot attend school in-person

  • Elementary: In-person learning environment, five days a week.
  • Middle: In-person learning environment, four* days a week. Remote/intervention day on Wednesday. DLI continues in remote format.
  • High: In-person learning environment, four* days a week. Remote/intervention day on Wednesday. DLI continues in remote format.
  • *Rationale: Due to the dual (in-person and DLI) format of middle and high classes and the ongoing supports needed for students unable to attend in-person (including quarantine), one digital day per week is necessary to ensure student needs are being considered across both platforms.
  • *Wednesday “C Day” remains a remote format day focused specifically on connecting all students online as a class at the middle and high school levels. Time will be allotted for small-group interventions (in-person or remote) and teacher planning.
  • Modified bell schedule to accommodate transportation and ongoing remote learning needs
  • Modified school operations designed to limit group sizes in large spaces (cafeterias, auditoriums, etc.)
  • Closed high school campus prohibiting off-campus lunch
  • Cohort recess groupings to limit student exposure
  • Extra-curricular activities/events in accordance with MHSA guidelines with spectator plans approved by Lewis & Clark Public Health (LCPH)
  • School-based childcare available through SACC
  • Fieldtrips limited, pending principal approval
  • External use of school/district facilities limited to after-hours pending district and/or health department plan approval

Health Precautions/Practices

  • Face masks are required for all students, employees, and visitors unless a physician documented contraindicated reason
  • KN95 masks available for all employees working in close proximity (6 feet or less)
  • Ongoing precautionary practices including hand hygiene, bathroom hygiene, and clean-in/clean-out practices
  • Students and employees should aim for a physical distance of three (3) feet when feasible. Distancing of 6 feet remains the optimal environment.
  • Ongoing contact-tracing and quarantine protocols in alignment with LCPH orders/guidelines
  • Ventilation/filtration modifications providing no less than four (4) air changes per hour of clean air (fresh or purified)
  • Visitors not allowed beyond school office during regular school hours without special permission

Phase II is a highly modified phase of school. In this phase, families may choose for students to attend school in-person for up to four days each week. While not currently attainable, a five day per week option will continue to be considered and developed as a preferred option for Phase II. Understanding that many students/families will need to remain in a remote setting (Digital Learning Initiative, quarantine orders, etc.) school start/end times and the four-day in-person schedule have been designed to ensure that we are meeting the needs of all enrolled students (in-person and remote). While our teaching/learning environment may resemble traditional, in-person school, many of our regular school procedures have been modified to ensure the safest possible environment.

Many details are school-specific; please contact your school for additional information.