School Geography Bee Results

Over fifty students at three Helena schools recently competed in school level geography bees at Helena schools as part of the National Geographic GeoBee program.  Students grades 4-8 received the same questions and the school champion from each school qualified to take the online State GeoBee qualifying test.  (Read some same questions HERE.)  A huge thanks to the educators who dedicated their time to make these GeoBees happen!

Four Georgians Elementary:
1st Place: Oliver Mow (Grade 5)
2nd Place: Tyler LaChere (Grade 4)
3rd Place: Nate Jensen (Grade 5)

C. R. Anderson Middle School:
1st Place: Charlie Snellman  (Grade 7)
2nd Place: Lowek Vonada (Grade 7)
3rd Place: Adeline Walters (Grade 7)

Helena Middle School:
1st Place: Ricky Robbins   (Grade 7)
2nd Place:  Harper Karalus  (Grade 6)
3rd Place:  Margaret McDonald  (Grade 7)