Administrative Staff Directory

Superintendent’s Office

Rex Weltz, Superintendent

Candice Delvaux, Executive Assistant

Assistant Superintendent’s Office

Josh McKay, Assistant Superintendent

Valice Stevens, Administrative Assistant


Chief of Staff

Barbara Ridgway, Chief of Staff

Karen Ogden, Communications Officer


Allison Balboni, Adminstrative Assistant

Curriculum and Assessment Department

Joslyn Davidson, Administrator

Kaitlyn Hess, Assessment and Title TOSA

Katrina Salois, Administrative Assistant

Educational Technology

Gary Myers, Director of Educational Technology

Sherryl Martin, Administrative Secretary

(406) 324-2117

Human Resources Department

Keri Mizell, Human Resources Director

(406) 324-2014

Jacqueline Young, Administrative Assistant


Deanna Tolman, Substitute Specialist

(406) 324-2011

Health Benefits

Richard Franco, Insurance Manager

(406) 324-2008

Business Services / Payroll Department

Janelle Mickelson, Administrator

(406) 324-2040

Angie Ford, Payroll Accountant

(406) 324-2034

Special Education Services Department

Sean Maharg, Administrator

Allie McFarlane, Administrative Assistant

Amy Michaud, SPED TOSA

Monique Dvorak, Administrative Assistant

Activities Department

Tim McMahon, Administrator

Kelli Kessler, Administrative Assistant

Facilities Department

Katie Ott, Administrative Assistant

(406) 324-1720

School Aged Child Care (SACC)

Transportation / Bus Services