Bus Delays/Alerts:
09/24/2021 – PM Routes

Bus 17 is experiencing a 10 minute delay.

We have made lots of updates to our routes and ask everyone to confirm their student’s transportation in the home tab in your parent portal app or using our Bus Stop Information page. Your student’s bus number, pick-up time, or drop-off time might have changed over the weekend. Please take a few minutes to review your student bus assignment before tomorrow morning.


Bus Registration Alerts:

Late bus registrations submitted after our deadline dates (August 2nd for 1-12 grade and August 20th for Kindergarten) needs to allow 3-5 business days to process. If a student is in of needs transportation please visit the to find an eligible stop and issue a one day bus pass until we can process their registration

Please note registrations in our Parent Portal App is a two-step process. The first-step is to be granted approval for your students information. The second-step is to submit a registration in the request tab in the lower right corner.



Please contact First student at (406)227-7400 if you are trying to located your student(s’) bus.

We had to delay our courtesy ride request review to September 15th due to driver shortages. We are currently restructuring our routes and focusing on eligible riders at this time.

Transportation Messages to Parents/Guardians

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on all of us — our day to day lives and on our communities.

Based on the information from our local Health Department, we know there is a short and time-sensitive window to reduce the spread of Covid-19. This priority has resulted in developing protocols and procedures to be implemented across our district transportation system. Our expectations for our students are to follow the following guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety.

Covid-19 Transportation Guidelines:

1.) When using our transportation services, face masks are required.

2.) All students need to stay in their assigned bus seats.

3.) Students need to social distance by sitting near the window and staying out of the aisle.

Failure to comply with our Covid-19 guidelines could result in disciplinary action. If your student is displaying any symptoms, please keep your student home and visit our district website for advice from our school nurses.

Thank you,

HSD Transportation