Board of Trustees

2023 Ballot Information

Election May 2, 2023


Strategic Priorities

These priorities were drafted to align with the Mission and Vision of the Helena Public Schools and were crafted through a variety of inputs including:

  • Our district’s previous strategic plan (2016)
  • Qualitative data gathered and considered across the 2018/2019 school year (including the 100 Day entry plan and summary report).

Priorities represent the “optimal state,” meaning these statements will be true when our district has reached an optimal level of performance in a designated area.

Priorities represent two distinct but interrelated areas:

  • Teaching and Learning

    • Ensure that each HSD student is engaged in learning opportunities that are authentic, meaningful, and relevant.

    • Ensure that every HSD graduate has multiple career, college, or service options available to them upon high school graduation.

    • Ensure a culture of interdependence exists on every HSD campus in which self-awareness, self-regulation, and collaboration are taught and continually fostered as necessary 21st Century skills.  

  • Management and Operations
    • Ensure that the learning of every HSD student and employee is supported by a school facility that is safe, healthy, and neutral to additive to optimal student learning.
    • Ensure an aligned, balanced, and sustainable budget supports the varied needs of our students while providing predictability and consistency for our HSD colleagues and community.
    • Ensure that each HSD stakeholder receives and has access to timely, informative, and relevant school and district information via a varied communications platform.

Siobhan Hathhorn, Board Chair

Executive Committee, Chair

Jennifer McKee, Board Vice Chair

Executive Committee, Vice Chair

Janet Armstrong, Trustee

Terry Beaver, Trustee

Lois Fitzpatrick, Trustee

Luke Muszkiewicz

Montana School Boards Association, President

Kay Satre, Trustee

Jennifer Walsh, Board Member

Teaching and Learning Committee
District Wellness Committee, Representative

Rex Weltz, Superintendent


(406) 324-2026

Keiran Boyle, Student Representative

Capital High School

Loreley Drees, Student Representative

Helena High School