Board of Trustees


Declaration of Intent and Oath of Candidacy for Trustees


Curriculum / Learning – Provide relevant, integrated and meaningful learning experiences for students that will prepare them for life.

Staff Support and Relationships – Enhance the learning opportunities for students by providing professional development for all employees and encouraging innovative instructional practices.

Environment – All schools and work sites will be safe and foster positive and productive environments for students and staff.

Technology – Implement technology in Helena Schools to enrich student learning and deliver more efficient administrative services.

Community partnerships – Encourage excellence in our schools by maintaining a positive and productive relationship with parents, employers, community members and members of the higher community.

Fiscal Planning – A budget development process is established so the allocation of resources has the greatest positive impact on the performance of students and staff.

Sarah Sullivan

Terry Beaver

Jennifer Walsh

Luke Muszkiewicz

Jeff Hindoien

Libby Goldes

Tyler Emmert

Sanjay Talwani

Tyler Ream

Aurora Boutin

Mariah Thomas