Digital Learning Portals

Clever: Our digital learning portal

Clever is a portal for students in all grade levels to access learning tools and resources collected by their teachers.

To log in enter a student’s email address ( and password. If you need your student’s username and password, email the student’s teacher as soon as possible. Many online textbooks, assessment tools, and other student needs are directly linked in Clever.


Email: Microsoft Outlook

The most important component to successful online learning is communication, and email is our primary method of communication in this online learning environment. Teachers and administrators will monitor their email throughout the school day, and students should check their email regularly for messages from their teacher or school.



Learning Environment: Microsoft Teams

Many teachers are using this platform to assign work, give students feedback on assignments, and conduct face to face meetings. Students can log into Teams using the Clever portal.


Learning Environment: Moodle

Some teachers are using this platform for additional assignments, quizzes, tests and many other activities. Students can log in to Moodle courses using the Clever portal.

Looking for Help?

Need a guide for using Teams? Try this:

Can’t log in to Teams or Clever? Ask your teacher for help or call or email the help desk!

Parents need access to PowerSchool? Call your school office.

Trouble with your Chromebook? Try holding the power button down and re-starting. For more information, check here:

If your student is using his/her personal device, here are a few system requirements to ensure the device works with Microsoft Teams.

Chromebooks Minimum Specifications (Grades 2-12)

Laptop/Desktop Minimum Specifications (Grades 2-12)

  • Current Shipping Mac or PC