School Nurse & Health Services


Health Screenings in the Helena Public Schools

One way to promote good health in the student population is to strive to detect health problems early. The school nurse provides basic health screenings in the following areas:


Grades K, 1, 9, new students without screening documentation, students who are referred, and students who are monitored


Grades K, 1, 3, 5, 8, new students without screening documentation, students who are referred, and students who are monitored


Grades 1 & 3 (local dentists volunteer to work with the school nurses, doing visual check)

Methods for screening may include checklists, observations, and formal instruments as indicated. Parents are notified of any unusual performance or failed screening. Students may be referred for further evaluation by a health care provider.

Vaccination Information

Per the Helena School District Student/Parent Handbook:

If a child has not completed the minimum vaccination series required by Montana Law, a Conditional Attendance form should be completed. If the pupil has received at least one or more doses of the required vaccine(s), he/she can conditionally attend until the next dose is due. In order to remain in school, the pupil must continue to receive all remaining doses as specified on the conditional form. If the pupil fails to complete the immunization(s) within the time period indicated, he/she must either qualify for and claim an exemption or be excluded immediately from school by the school administrator or that person’s designee.

In schools K-12, a claim of exemption from immunization requirements on religious grounds must be notarized and maintained on the Religious Exemption form. The form must be provided to the school by the student’s parent/legal guardian, unless the student is 18 years of age or older or emancipated, the student may claim the exemption. The original copy of the religious exemption must be kept by the school as part of the student’s school record. If a student has contracted a disease or is exposed to a disease, the student may be excluded from school by the local health officer or the state department until the excluding authority feels that there is no longer a risk of contracting or transmitting that disease.

Additional Documents

Medications at School

The medication guidelines can be found in this download or in the Helena School District Student/Parent Handbook.

Additional Documents

Authorization to Self-Administer Asthma, Severe Allergy, or Anaphylaxis Medication

Per the Helena School District Student/Parent Handbook:

Students with asthma, severe allergies, or anaphylaxis may possess and self-administer emergency medication including: epinephrine auto injector, oral antihistamine, or asthma inhaler during the school day, during field trips, during school-sponsored events, or while on a school bus as prescribed by a licensed health care provider. If provided by the parent, an individual who has executed a caretaker relative educational authorization affidavit, or a guardian and in accordance with documents provided by the student’s health care provider, medication for asthma, severe allergy, or anaphylaxis medication may be kept by the pupil and backup medication may be kept at a student’s school in a predetermined location or locations to which the student has access in the event of an asthma, severe allergy, or anaphylaxis emergency.

Parents must notify the school if their student will be self-medicating and acknowledge and agree to the liability provisions in M.C.A. 20-5-420, for the self-administration of medication.

Additional Documents and Forms

*These forms must be filled out yearly by the child’s healthcare provider and signed by both the parent/guardian and healthcare provider.