Dollar-for-dollar state tax credit available for donations to Helena Public Schools

Did you know that you can receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for supporting Helena Public Schools?

Simply put, you can request to have up to $200,000 of your state taxes go directly to Helena Public Schools – money that would otherwise flow directly to the state.

Montana’s “Innovative Educational Program Tax Credit” program allows districts to use this money to benefit students right here in Helena. Examples of allowed uses include:

  • Career & Technical Education (CTE) training
  • Work-based learning partnerships
  • Technology for classrooms
  • Facilities improvements
  • Adaptive equipment for students with disabilities.

The Montana Legislature began expanding opportunities to support local school districts under the Innovative Educational Program Tax Credit in 2021. This year, the aggregate value of tax credits that can be claimed for districts statewide has been raised to $5 million, up from $2 million last year and $1 million in 2022.

This opportunity is open to all individuals and businesses, but the system by which districts and their taxpayers must claim this funding is time-sensitive.

If you would like to apply for a tax credit, please deliver the following information in writing to the Helena Public Schools District Business Office at 1325 Poplar St. by 2 p.m., Friday, January 12, 2024.

  • Your full name and, if submitting on behalf of a business, your business name
  • SSN or EIN tax identification number
  • Physical address and mailing address for yourself or your business.
  • Email address for yourself or your business.
  • Amount you wish to donate in exchange for a dollar-for-dollar tax credit.
  • Which district you would like to donate to (Helena Public Schools is technically comprised of two districts – a K-8 district and a high school district)
  • How you would like to make your donation: U.S. currency, personal check, cashier’s check, money order, bank draft, traveler’s check, credit or debit card. Please bring your payment or payment information with you to the District Business Office. You will receive a tax credit receipt.


To learn more, please contact our district Business Office at 406-324-2040 as soon as possible. Information is also available at We encourage you to discuss this opportunity with your tax preparer.

Thank you for your consideration of this opportunity to use your tax dollars to support Helena students.

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Janelle Mickelson, Business Services Administrator
Helena Public Schools