Montana Career Pathways

“Montana Career Pathways” is a college and career initiative brought to you by the Montana Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education & the Montana Office of Public Instruction.

Montana Career Pathways is a vital education and workforce strategy.

Too many students don’t understand how education connects to their future, and how to make good decisions that prepare them for college and career.

Montana Career Pathways helps students learn about career options that are in demand in Montana, and the types activities they can engage in to prepare for their next step after high school graduation.

In 2017, Montana completed a major overhaul of its career pathways program, from individual pathway agreements between one college and one high school (Big Sky Pathways), to statewide pathways scalable to all high schools and connected to all MUS colleges.

  • Montana Career Pathways (MCP) changes the way career pathways are developed, displayed, documented, and implemented.
  • It improves how students, parents, and educators get information about in-demand career options in Montana, and provides actionable information for students to explore and engage in careers while in high school.
  • Montana Career Pathways is supported in part by Perkins Rural Reserve Funds. Strengthening Montana Career Pathways Grants build collaboration between secondary and postsecondary educators across the state to expand access to dual enrollment, work-based learning, and industry recognized credentials that support a career pathway.