Science Olympiad ROCK-STARS! (pun intended)

Helena High and Capital High Science Olympiad teams competed in Bozeman last Tuesday.  Helena High finished 2nd overall, and Capital High finished 3rd!  Here are the individual winners:

Helena High (coached by David McKim and assisted by Claire Pichette, Jamie O’Malley, Christine Thennis, Jake Spearson, Missy Sampson, Emily Gillin, and Kristin Berry):

  • 1st place in Chem Lab: Jonathan DeWald and Owen Cleary
  • 1st place in Fossils: Heath Caldwell and Izzy Kosena
  • 1st place in Geologic Mapping: Heath Caldwell and Robert Stimpson
  • 1st place in Wright Stuff: Izzy Kosena and Jeri Wilkerson (balsa wood plane)

Capital High (coached by Kendra Lunday and DeLacy Humbert):

  • 2nd place protein modeling: Meriah Mercer and Sarah Heller
  • 2nd place sounds of music: Zach Boles and Seamus Whyte
  • 2nd place astronomy: Tyler Almquist, Brandon Warren, Nate Turner, Celina Lee
  • 2nd place Chem Lab: Tyler Almquist and Seamus Whyte
  • 2nd place Gravity vehicle: Ashton Shipley, Brandon Warren, Killian Humbert
  • 3rd place fossils: Erin Robinson and Killian Humbert