Data & Assessment

The Data and Assessment Department coordinates the state and district student academic achievement testing for Helena Public Schools. This department provides test administration and data interpretation support for schools related to large-scale testing programs such the state MontCas assessments, Measured Progress CRT, ACT, the district writing assessment, Renaissance math and English benchmark assessments, and Fitnessgram. The data and assessment administrator works closely with the Curriculum and Instruction department to help schools use achievement data to improve student learning.

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) 2018-2019 School Year Report Card

Report Card by School

High School Writing Assessment

(This assessment is not conducted annually, so the 2018 results reflect the most recent assessment.) Freshman, Sophomore, and Senior students at both high schools completed a benchmark writing assessment on April 20, 2018. This district assessment is scored in accordance with the American College Test (ACT) Writing Test Scoring Rubric.

The results help inform students, parents, and staff regarding students’ writing skills as they pertain to college/career readiness.

The minimum proficiency score on the Helena School District writing assessment is a 3.5 out of a total of 6. This score is aligned to the proficiency score for the ACT writing assessment and the Montana University System (MUS) writing proficiency requirement. Please note that all of our students, regardless of grade level, are scored using the same college-level criteria. The goal is for students to reach a minimum of a 3.5 on the district writing assessment by the spring of their junior year when they take the ACT.

Below are several example essays with the score and rationale provided. You may also view the scoring rubric.

Samples from writing prompt titled “Motivation”

Samples from writing prompt titled “Distracted Driving”