CHS Students participate in statewide Montana Behavioral Initiative Conference

Students and staff from Capital High School participated along with nearly 200 other students and chaperones at the MBI Youth Days on February 19 in Butte.  MBI Youth Days is a student forum for cultivating leadership skills, networking, service learning, and building confidence to make positive contributions to both the students’ school and community.

Presenters included former MT Tech coach Bob Green, Special Olympics Bill Salonen, and Restorative Justice educator Tony Williams, along with students from Butte High School.

The theme for the 2020 Youth Days was Leading through Relation-ships.  Students will use what they learned to bring about positive changes in our school and build upon our Capital Code of Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be a Graduate through our MBI Youth Activation Committee, Student Council, Bruin Pure Performance and other school clubs and organizations.

This event was sponsored by the Office of Public Instruction and Colt Anderson’s Dream Big Foundation.