Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

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May, 2020 – It may no longer be the 2020 Teacher Appreciation Week, but we’ve compiled a list of posts from our Facebook page with the help of our educators, administrators, and families.

Warren principal, Tia Wilkins, writes, “Happy Teacher Appreciation week! Since we don’t get the opportunity to celebrate in person the Warren students wanted to do something extra special for you this year. Thank you for being the dedicated educators you are!”  Click HERE to check out the video!

Via our Facebook Page from parent, Stasha Frederickson, “We LOVE and appreciate our educators so very much! I have a kindergarten student and fourth grader at Kessler Elementary School, a 6th grader at C R Anderson Middle School and a 9th grader at Capital High School. We are so grateful of all the work those teachers put in all year, but especially right now during this chaotic and uncertain time. THANK YOU!!!”

How about a standing ovation for all our music teachers?! This is Four Georgians School music teacher, Carson Yahvah, helping students retain their love of music and stay active. Four Georgians parents and teachers are so lucky to have Mr. Yahvah! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTbi6al_rHg&feature=youtu.be

Here’s a shout out to Smith Elementary Kindergarten Teacher, Amy Hasselbach: “I want to give a shout out to Ms. Hasselbach – Kindergarten teacher at Smith Elementary. She has gone above and beyond to be there for her kiddos in these difficult times. She is always available for extra time in the week. My daughter was so upset last week because she didn’t understand something. Within minutes. we had Ms. Hasselbach on FaceTime helping her and being there with her. My daughter has an iep and needs extra help at times and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher to help us during remote learning. My daughter seems to be staying caught up and aside from my assistance, we wouldn’t be where we are without her along with Ms. Compton (special education) and Ms. Sidensticker (speech therapy). This teacher is a rockstar and deserves a shout out. Thank you so much.” Christy DeSpain

Helena High School Principal, Steve Thennis, shared some encouraging words for his team. “In honor of Teacher Appreciation week, I just want to say thank you. I am so honored to work with all of you. This is a hard job and we have been through enough tough times, but you always kept kids at the center of what you do. Thank you for inspiring your kids each and every day and thank you for inspiring the professionals around you as well.” Thanks for all you do, Steve!

With remote learning in full effect, our teaching community has expanded to parents and grandparents. Here’s a special message from Jefferson Elementary School HSD1 Helena MT 59601 Principal, Lona Carter. “This week is National Teacher’s Week, and at Jefferson it is a week that we always celebrate our teachers and para-educators who work tirelessly every day to serve your children. Today, we would like to celebrate all of you parents and grandparents who have partnered with us to educate your children during this extraordinary time of COVID-19. We SO appreciate your efforts and support!”

According to CHS parent Kim Ranger(and us!), Capital High Special Education Teacher, Derik Reed needs a shout out. Here’s the note: “I would like to acknowledge Derik Reed from Capital High School. He has been fantastic with his students in Biology Class. He holds virtual class twice a week, allows students time to ask questions and complete their assignments while in session. He has encouraged students to ask for help by email, cell, or other means. He shares weekly what is happening with the parents. He offered extra credit for students with a virtual session on Yellowstone National Park that tied in with the chapter they were studying.

He communicates and asks students to reflect on what the current situation means/is doing to them and their families. He asks how they are doing and shares his thoughts and concerns as well.

It is appreciated with a child that needs extra support and isn’t getting it in the same manner as if he were in class, but is getting it through other means with Mr. Reed.”

What a great message about the compassion of Teachers from CHS Science Teacher, DeLacy Humbert! “As a teacher myself. I couldn’t survive without my fellow teachers. Working at Capital High in the science department has me brought numerous friends and some of the most dedicated, enthusiastic, wonderful people into my life. I recently had some health issues and the people of my school stepped up and helped me out! They provided me money, time and the confidence to know that my students would be ok. Thank you to all my fellow teachers!”

The Helena Middle School Student Council put together a wonderful video for their teachers! Click HERE to watch!

The Currier Family told us a fantastic story, and we can’t wait to share it with you! “We think that Central School Upper Montessori teacher Tony Napoletano deserves a shout out. In addition to leading his students in Remote Montessori learning, he’s logged countless miles on his bicycle delivering literature circle books to each of his students not once but TWICE during this time. It so great that they can keep reading and improving their literacy skills by studying a novel together-apart. Thank you, Tony! You set a great example with your love of reading and your love of cycling!”

Parent (and CRA educator) Kelly Sheridan shared a great story with us. “I wanted to share about Jay Partridge who is an AP American History teacher at CHS. He has been absolutely phenomenal. Every single day, he gives a live and interactive lecture. He has really not missed a beat.

This morning, he was reviewing for the AP exam. He spend around 75 minutes reviewing with the students and answering each question thoroughly and specifically. As a fellow teacher, it really warmed my heart to see an educator really making this work!”

A HUGE shout out for Jim Darcy Teacher, Ashlee Mihelish, came from an anonymous parent who nominated her for a LifeChanger of the Year Award from National Life Group. A portion of the nomination reads, “Ashlee was meant to be a kindergarten teacher! She exemplifies everything I was hoping for in a teacher for our child when they started elementary school. She has an extremely warm, welcoming face first thing in the morning, and she constantly communicates about how our child is doing. She always keeps us updated on our child’s progress. We felt not only comfortable, but very lucky to have her.” You can view the full nomination and leave Ms. Mihelish a note HERE.

The Helena School District Librarians have prepared a special message for our teachers! Get your pencils ready to write down all of these recommendations!

Bryant Elementary Principal, Trish Klock, put together some wonderful works for her team. “There are not enough words to describe how truly proud I am of the amazing staff at Bryant. They not only are exceptional educators but outstanding people. They value relationships and connections just as much as they value the academic material they are teaching. It is a true honor to call them colleagues and to watch the work they do each day! You ROCK Bryant Panthers!” We couldn’t agree more! We Bryant!

Here’s another shout out to one of our fantastic educators! This message came from parent, Amber Dushin, about Four Georgians School teacher, Madisen Hamper. “I just wanted to send a note to let you know what a fabulous job Madisen Hamper is doing during this time of on-line learning. I know this is such a difficult time for everyone but she is so organized and has personalized the daily lessons so well. Even though they aren’t able to be together as a class, Madisen has taken the time to record her lessons so it is as close to being in class as possible. Her daily lesson plans are so easy to follow which helps immensely. She has also taken the time to have TEAMS meetings in small groups and I know Ellis has really enjoyed that, seeing her teacher and classmates. I just wanted to send a note to let you know how impressed I am with Ms. Hamper during this new learning journey.” Way to go, Ms. Hamper!

The Jefferson Parent Council put together a wonderful message for teachers. Grab a box of tissues, and enjoy on YouTube.