Thankful for Roses

Thorns have RosesSome people grumble that roses have thorns;
I am grateful that thorns have roses.
– Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr

While it is hard to remember each and every year, 2020 will likely stand out in our collective and individual memories. While this year has certainly had it’s thorns, it has also provided many beautiful memories including families welcoming babies, neighbors checking on neighbors, and random acts of kindness that helped shift our perspective on a difficult day. When I think back on 2020, I will remember the thorns, but it will be the roses that have shaped my year. Whether you welcome your students into your classroom each day, meet with your class online, provide needed meals, tirelessly work to cover classes, safely transport children to and from school, or any number of other, heroic efforts in the service of our students, you have been a rose in the lives of many this year. You have been the needed foundation that our children, families, and community needed amidst the turmoil of an ongoing crisis. Yes, our students will remember the closures, the online classes, the masks and the hand sanitizer, but more than anything, they will remember you and how you made them feel valued, validated, and loved.

You are heroes within this pandemic and this Thursday, my family and I will honor you in thankfulness for what you do each day. Thank you for choosing education and in doing so, thank you for dedicating your time and talents to the needs of others. Thank you for being roses and adding hope and beauty to this year of challenge, loss, and the never-ending quest for stable Wi-Fi and bulk toilet paper.

I wish you and your families all of the best this Thanksgiving – Thank you for the opportunity to serve alongside you.

Tyler Ream
Learner, Educator and Proud Superintendent of the Helena Public Schools