Human Resources

Working in the Helena Public Schools

The Helena Public Schools, as a district, employs about 580 certified staff and 375 classified staff. The district recruits quality, skilled, and dedicated professionals for employment. Salaries and benefits for all employees in the Helena Public Schools are very competitive when compared to other districts across Montana and the northwest. In addition, the district implemented a mentor teacher program for teachers new to the district in an effort to provide more support and guidance for new teachers.

Face Coverings in District Buildings

With the Governor’s new community directive, and in light of the growing COVID safety concerns, all employees, contractors, and anyone seeking assistance or support in and all District buildings – will be required to wear a mask at all times, while on campus.

Procedurally, people will be asked that once they park on campus, they need to be masked until they depart.
For employees, this includes times at your desk in the office, in common areas such as at the copy machine, break room, at the water fountain, to the bathroom, in or out of the building, and at the coffee pot.

The only noted exceptions at this time include

  1. employees working individually outside for lawn maintenance where they are working independently and not in contact with others
  2. those engaging in strenuous physical activity indoors or outdoors
  3. where employees may take a break in a confined, independent space to drink or eat

All contact time will require masks until further notice.

If someone refuses to mask – because they are “just dropping something off” – please remind them politely that this is a Governor’s directive and we are responsible for maintaining safety for the public and for our families.

Staff COVID Instruction Letter 9.1.2020

COVID Testing Location 10-20

Stacy Collette, Human Resources Director

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Rich Franco, Insurance Benefits Manager

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Tom Foley, Human Resources Specialist II

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Maureen Kloker, Human Resource Specialist

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Deanna Tolman, Substitute Specialist

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Jacqueline Young, Human Resource Specialist - Administrative Assistant

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