World Read Aloud Day

According to Scholastic, this year’s partner, “World Read Aloud Day, created by the nonprofit organization LitWorld is all about bringing people together through stories and that will be more important than ever this year when the shared experience and connection of reading aloud is so needed in all of our communities.”

The fantastic librarians at our Helena schools are bringing the movement to our community and our students through a variety of activities.  Since Wednesday is an “all-remote” day for students, teachers and librarians have gotten particularly creative this year.  Warren is hosting a Read-a-thon all week for students, Broadwater is kicking off their annual One School, One Book campaign.  Hawthorne is hosting a live read-aloud, and Jefferson is celebrating all week with new books purchased by their parent council.  Central is requesting videos of students reading aloud from wherever they are and sharing videos within the school.  Our lucky students across the district will participate in a variety of activities through their schools, all centered on reading aloud to their family, pets, or stuffed animals.

Regardless of what they have planned, our librarians and educators are excited to participation in the world-wide literacy effort, and we’re so thankful to have them!