Driver’s Education Summer Registration opens April 5

Registration materials will be available on our  Drivers Education page starting April 5!

Cost is $305.  Classes could be through remote learning or in-person, depending on COVID restrictions, etc.  Drives will follow all safety protocol.

Available seats for Drivers Education may be limited at times during the year.  The practice for placement of students into classes is outlined below.

  1. Ranked by birth date; oldest students have preference for placement.  Student must turn 15 years old by August 31, 2021.
  2. Once ordered by birth date, we place students into classes using their class preference until classes are full.
  3. We place students who live outside of our attendance area in any remaining seats, again using the process of placing oldest applicant first.
  4. Students who are not placed into a class because of limited available space, will be notified.  Payment will not be made until a seat in class is offered.

For additional details, visit our Drivers Education page or contact: