Congratulations to our January 2023 Helena Education Foundation Spark Grant Recipients

“Bus to the Future” – Merren Marks, Resource Teacher at Helena High School
“Building Social Schools” – Ricki Thompson, Kindergarten at Rossiter Elementary School
“Hand2Mind Math” – Severena Samuelson, 3rd grade at Four Georgians Elementary School
“Knitting it All Together” – Marla Unruh, Librarian at Broadwater Elementary School
“Let’s Glow in K” – Jennifer Schaefer, Anna Alger, Kayla Steffan, Holly Westerberg, Kindergarten teachers at Jim
Darcy Elementary School
“Short Stories Big Feelings” – Ashley Komac, Literacy Coach Teacher at Warren Elementary School
“The Cozy and Calm Corner” – Kellen Alger, 5th grade at Jefferson Elementary School
“Dreaming Big for Little Artists” – Madisen Burton, Four Georgians Elementary School
“Musical Instrument Research” – Chelsey Davis and Sarah Dramstad, Librarian and Music Teacher at Four
Georgians Elementary School
“Mallet Madness” – Abby Nyhof, Music teacher at Warren Elementary School