Helena Public Schools State Music Festival Results

Congratulations to our student musicians and directors who earned top marks at the MHSA Western State Solo and Ensemble Festival May 5-6 in Missoula. Results are as follows:


Capital High School Band

Director: Duane Zehr

Superior Rating (1)

Hazel Helseth
Thomas Byron
Carter Slead
Marybelle Osborne
Zoe Schneider

Excellent Rating (2)

Meika Arensmeyer
Mahana Mobley
Levi Davidson
Connor Bushnell
Landyn Lubick
Alexis Beckman-Gomez
Quentin Gaughan
Carter Hoffman
Dawson Peterson
Owen Wardisiani
Brandon Warren

Capital High School Choir

Director: Thomas Baty

Superior (1)

Jazmine Mudget
Abi Hansen
Hollis Elliot
Erika Foot
Zach Heller
Isabel Beasley
Adrianna Helfrich
Aliester Ellis
Jayden Dupler
Leolaga Brown

Excellent (2)

Isabel Beasley
Grace Nicholson
Anna Drake 

Capital High School Orchestra

Director: Zach Harris

Superior (1)

Kayle Andriolo – Cello Solo
Lindsay Abelin – Viola Solo
Keiran Boyle – Violin Solo, Violin/Violin Duet
Hollis Elliott – Cello Solo, Violin/Cello Duet
Maren Elliott – Violin Solo, Violin/Cello Duet
Makezie Grotbo – Violin Solo, Violin/Violin Duet, Violin/Cello Duet
Fox Rowland – Cello Solo
Charlie Snellman – Cello Solo/Violin/Cello Duet
Adeline Walters – Viola Solo

Excellent (2)

Blake Erickson – Cello Solo
Theresa Randash – Violin/Violin Duet
Adrianna Helfrich – Violin Solo
Luna Herndandez – Violin Solo
Vivian James – Violin Solo
Grace Mattern – Violin Solo
Mattingly Meldrum – Bass Solo
Alice Townsend – Cello Solo

Helena High School Band

Director: Cody Hollow

Superior (1)

Percussion Ensemble

Lindsay Snarr
Andrew Madsen
Rachel Lewis
Ellie Clancy
Finn Morrison
Garrett Hinderman
Caleb Madsen

Piano Solo

Avery Sander

Symphonic Saxophone Trio

Ryan Burke
Avery Sanders
Jude Connor

Helena High School Choir

Director: Molly Kohoutek

Superior (1)

Lyla Ackerman
Robin Bryce
Isabella Brewer
Aaron French
Milo Merrill/Serianna Kron
Alessia Biancheri

Excellent (2)

Adele Schaff
Allison Christensen

Helena High School Orchestra

Director: Zach Harris

Superior (1)

Aine Cleary – Cello Solo
Freya Elias – Cello Solo

Excellent (2)

Caili Lowney – Violin Solo
Clara Harmon – Cello Solo, Cello/Piano Duet