Cleaning Procedures and Products in our Schools

Increased Staffing

Additional day custodians have been hired for the additional cleaning responsibilities.  Those responsibilities include disinfecting high-touch areas around the schools, like door handles, counters, and fixtures, along with frequent cleaning of the bathrooms.  This high-touch cleaning is done continually around the school, throughout the day, five days a week.  Night custodians focus mainly on cleaning and disinfecting in classrooms, paying particular attention to desks, tables, chairs, sinks and counters.

School Practices

Signage on floors and lockers remains in student’s line of sight and allows for students’ beautiful artwork to still adorn the walls.  Hand sanitizing stations have been set up at entrances for each school, classroom, and learning spaces to allow for hand sanitizing whenever students and staff enter and exit a space.  Teachers and school staff work diligently to model and encourage best hygiene practices for students.

Products Used

Though the products we’re using in schools and district buildings are still green, safe for kids, and bleach-free, we have some pretty innovative ways we’re using them.  The district owns two Clorox Total360 electrostatic sprayers.  The first was purchased years ago – and was one of the first of its kind in the state – to combat norovirus transmission.  These systems emit a fine mist that covers and wraps around surfaces which dries in about an hour.  The night after a school related COVID case, our custodial staff will follow the daily routine of the individual to disinfect any areas where the specific student or staff member spent a portion of their day to disinfect the area with the electrostatic sprayer – or fogger.  These systems also are utilized to disinfect bleachers after a home game, match, or meet.  Each school has a smaller sprayer for day-to-day use.

Products we’re using: