Through the Innovative Education Tax Credit Program, individuals receive up to $150 in tax credit*.

*A TAX CREDIT is the amount taxpayers can subtract from income taxes they owe.  Unlike deductions or exemptions (which reduce the amount of taxable income),
a credit reduces the actual amount of income tax owed.

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Digital learning within the Helena school district has increased from about 1,000 average daily technology users to more than 9,000 daily users this school year.

With the exponential increase in technology, associated costs have also significantly increased:

  • Devices and Wi-fi hotspots
  • Technology hardware and software
  • Servicing devices
  • User support


Your contribution to the district through the Innovative Education Tax Credit Program will help offset our increased technology costs associated with the ongoing pandemic.

It’s easy to contribute, and it will get you up to $150 in tax credit.

Contribute Today

  1. Visit the Innovative Education Tax Credit donation portal.
  2. Log in using your ePass or create an account. Select Innovative Education Tax Credit. (You’ll see this option a couple times.)
  3. Select the amount you wish to contribute. (Each individual can contribute up to $300 and claim up to $150 in matching tax credit on your state income taxes.)
  4. Choose “Helena Elementary School District” or Helena High School District” from the menu, confirm your payment, and continue.
  5. You’ll receive an email receipt for your records once you complete the process.