Kindergarten and 1st Grade Opt In

Currently the Helena Public Schools Transportation Department requires that kindergarten and 1st grade students be met at their afternoon school bus stop by a parent or legal guardian for their safety. This is changed for the 2023-2024 school year to an opt-in option for parents who want their child met at the bus by a parent or guardian or other escort. Students who do not have the opt-in form will be let off the bus at their stop.

If you opt-in to the program and a parent or legal guardian is not present at the time of your child’s stop, she/he will not be let off the bus. First Student Dispatch will attempt to contact you and inform you of when the bus will return to your child’s designated stop. If you are not present when the bus returns, your child will be taken to the nearest SACC program. You will be notified where to pick-up your child and will have to pay for the SACC services.

Parents may request someone else be present by filling out the escort portion of the Opt-in/Escort Permission Form.


Escort and Opt-In

There is an Escort and Opt-in program for kindergarten and 1st grade parents to utilize after school. The program was created to ensure the safe delivery of our most vulnerable student population. A parent or a designated individual is required to escort all kindergarten and first grade students home if an opt-in form is on file.

I am choosing to opt-in to the Kindergarten/1st grade escort program and will have a parent, legal guardian or below named escort meet my child at their bus stop.

(Please note, multiple submissions will not result in in multiple escorts being named for your child(ren). Each Permission Letter supersedes the previously submitted form.)