Bus Registrations / Parent Portal

Bus Registration Alerts:

Bus registration are open for the 2023-24 school year.Ā  You can submit your studentā€™s registration through the Edulog parent portal app or in-person. By registering early, you allow your HSD Transportation Dept to plan for the best and safest transportation for our students.

Late bus registrations submitted after our deadline dates (August 9th for 1-12 grade and August 22nd for Kindergarten) needs to allow 4-6 business days to process.Ā If a student is in need of transportation before we can process your registration please visit theĀ Bus Stop InformationĀ to find an eligible stop. Once you find an eligible stop contact your studentā€™s school for a temporary one-day bus pass until we can process their registration.

Important Edulog Parent Portal Information:

Please note registrations in our Parent Portal App is aĀ two-step process. The first-step is to be granted approval for your students information. The second-step is to submit a registration thru the request tab in the lower right corner.

If your child lives in two residences, each residence will need a registration form submitted. Please follow-up with a message in your registration stating your student has two residences. You can also email transportation@helenaschools.org to inform us about the two-residence registration. If you have a change of address, please contact your childā€™s school first so they can get the change into PowerSchool before registering for the fall. We will not be able to process your registration until PowerSchool has been updated with the new address.

Bus Registrations and Real-Time Information About Your Childā€™s School Bus Transportation

Parents ā€“ To register your student(s) for transportation, you will need to download the Parent Portal app and submit a bus registration within this application. Edulog Parent Portal smartphone app is our central hub for all your transportation needs. By using our app you can easily register your student(s) for transportation, receive bus assignments and live-time communication. A few benefits of using our app involves the real-time location of your student(s) school bus and notifications when your bus will be arriving at your assigned stop.

How to Get Started:

  1. Review the ā€œGetting Startedā€ video above
  2. Download the app, sign up, and check your email to authenticate
  3. Enter your studentā€™s security information using the current school year information
  4. Register your student for 21-22 school year transportation via Parent Portal
  5. Bus assignment will be available [TBA] via Parent Portal

What You Will Need To Get Started:

  • The Parent Portal App (find it in your mobile deviceā€™s app store under Edulog Parent Portal).
  • Your childā€™s name, school (C.R. Anderson must be entered exactly like this), birthday and studentā€™s district id number. If you do not know your childā€™s id number, please contact your childā€™s school.
  • The district ID number is your childā€™s student ID number.

How to submit your Bus registration thru Parent Portal:

A Screenshot of the request tab in the Parent Portal App. Please select the add button in the top right corn to begin your transportation request. To begin your transportation request please select the student you wish to register.

Registration Information:

Registering your children for school does not mean they are also registered nor eligible for school bus transportation.Ā  To find out if your child is eligible for transportation, please visit the Bus Stop page to the right. If you are eligible, it may take 4 to 6 days for transportation registration to take effect so please plan accordingly. Keep in mind that if you are eligible and register your children with Parent Portal to ride the bus, you must registerĀ each year. Failure to register each year means your child will not be assigned to a bus for transportation.

Letter From Our Operations Manager

To: Parents/Guardians

Students are required to register for the bus every school year. When you register, your student will be assigned bus service for home to school or school to home services.

Transportation to daycare is not permitted.

If you need to register a duel-household student that resides at two different addresses, please send an email to Transportation@helenaschools.org and request bus transportation for both addresses.


Drew VanFossen
Transportation Manager

Important Information for Parents: