Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions or concerns, please contact us at 406-324-2100 or

Can my child have more than one (1) bus stop in order to get to work, dance, or other activities?

A student is allowed one (1) AM bus stop and one (1) PM bus stop. School bus transportation is established to transport a student from home to school and school to home.  Any other transportation needs would be the responsibility of the student and his/her parent or guardian.

*The one exception would be if parents have joint custody of a child and both parents lived in the established busing area.

Can my child ride home with a friend on the bus?

Yes, the parent or guardian of the student should contact the school for a bus pass.  You will need to know the bus number and the stop that your child will be dropped off at.

Hand written notes from parents are not acceptable.

Who do I contact if the school bus is late?

All questions regarding school bus drivers or school buses need to be directed to our school bus contractor, First Student Transportation at 227-7400.  First Student is responsible for hiring, training and supervising all school bus drivers and ensuring that bus schedules are run as the school district has designated. 

The school bus came by the bus stop 2 minutes early this morning and my child missed the bus. Who do I call?

Please direct all questions regarding school bus drivers and school buses to our school bus contractor, First Student Transportation at 227-7400.  However, please be advised that ALL students are required to be at their bus stop five (5) minutes before the required pickup time.

Who do I call if child left an item on the school bus?

Contact First Student at 227-7400 for all lost and found

What is the “walk zone” ?

High School students living within 3 miles of their school and Elementary/Middle School students within 1 miles of their school are within the Walk Zone.  These students are not eligible for bus services.

When will the bus to arrive on Mondays for Professional Release?

Afternoon buses will arrive approximately 30-45 minutes before their normal stop time.

Can a skateboard or longboard be transported on the bus with a student?

No skateboards or longboards are permitted on the bus. These are a safety hazard.