Student Safety & Discipline

The Helena Public Schools Transportation Department is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable bussing environment for your child. The Helena Public Schools treats the bus ride as an extension of the school day. With your help and understanding, it will be a successful program.

In order to be successful, an effective school bus discipline program requires the cooperation of parents, students and educational personnel. All parties must work together toward the common goal of insuring that students are transported safely and economically to and from school. Student misconduct can jeopardize the safety of others, has adopted procedures relative to student discipline for school bus transportation services.

Students could eventually be denied transportation privileges if they reach the misconduct levels as stated in the following student discipline procedures.

For more in depth information on the rules, please refer to the Student Handbook available at each school.  Helena Schools Handbook

Discipline Overview

If a student violates one or more of the School Bus Safety Rules, or the Rules of Student Conduct the student’s misbehavior will be handled in the following manner.

The bus driver will issue a Rules Conduct Violation (Bus Conduct Report) for misconduct when it is warranted. Minimum will be a warning in the comments section of the report that further conduct reports could result in bus suspension.

Severe discipline violations will result in an automatic suspension from the school bus.

Please review the rules and expectations for riding the bus with your student.

**NOTE** Random School Bus Video review can also be used to check student management. Students found in violation will receive conduct reports issued from this office rather than the bus driver and without prior warning.

School Bus Safety Tips

Prepare to stop when a slowing bus has its overhead yellow light flashing.

Stop at least 15 feet away for buses when red lights are flashing, unless driving in the opposite direction on a divided highway.

  • Slowdown in or near school and residential areas.
  • Look for clues – such as safety patrols and signs, crossing guards, bicycles and playgrounds – that indicate children might be in the area.
  • Watch for children between parked cars and other objects.
  • Use additional caution in bad weather.
  • Remember, just like traffic lights, flashing yellow means “CAUTION” and flashing red means “STOP.”
  • If you do NOT want to wait for the bus, just leave 5 minutes earlier. Most buses run on a regular schedule every day.