PCAP Information

The Professional Compensation Alternative Plan (PCAP) is now in its retirement phase.

Employees with 20+ years of service with the District and, those with 10+ years of experience for 2021-22 and 2022-2023 may use the terms of this pay plan as noted in the attached documents.

Contract Language (Appendix 1, page 54) applicable for continued placement on the PCAP HEA HPS 2020-2023 CBA

Professional Service Commitment List PSC SHORT LIST 2021-2022

Each employee on the PCAP (excluding PCAP Ghost Stepped Employees*) must complete the Professional Service Commitment Form. Visit FrontLine Central to start your forms. The employee must choose a service commitment from the PSC SHORT LIST 2021-2022, and their Administrator will choose one. This form must be approved by the employee and the Administrator.

As commitments are completed or updated – the employee may adjust this form in Frontline Central. Once the administrator gives final approval, the close-out of the form will be done in HR for continued step movement on the PCAP Matrix at the end of the year. Please follow all dates and timelines specified in the collective bargaining agreement.

PCAP Form in Frontline Central