Courtesy Rides Request

Courtesy Ride Terms/Conditions 
Courtesy Ride Approval is strictly given as a courtesy and is only valid for the current school year. Those that receive an approval status understand this can change during the year to a denial for reasons such as but not limited to bus route changes, length of the route, or student load. You will be notified of your courtesy ride status if your approval changes to a rejection. Submitting a courtesy ride request is agreeing to the terms/conditions above.


What is a Courtesy stop/ride request?
Courtesy stops/rides are given to people who are either ineligible for transportation as a whole or are eligible but are asking for a stop not normally authorized. These are allowed on a case by case basis when certain circumstances exist, such as the stop is already authorized and in place, bus goes by the area, time/length of route or student load permits.

Courtesy ride requests for the 2023-24 school year

Courtesy stops are given to students who are requesting stops for school to home or home to school that ineligible for transportation. Students may be ineligible for transportation due to several reasons. Here are a few reasons a student may not be eligible for busing but may qualify for a courtesy ride:

  • Student resides within the “walk zone”
  • Resides in a District that does not have an applicable transportation agreement with the Helena Public Schools.
  • Resides beyond his/her school’s attendance boundary as the result of a Parent Choice Boundary Exception, regardless of mileage to the school of attendance.
  • Has been temporarily placed in a District program less than 15 days.

For students living outside their school boundary area, a courtesy ride may be granted for an existing stop if the bus travels to the students school. New stops will not be created to transport children outside their boundary unless the child is enrolled in a district program.

Bus stops are established with maximum consideration given to safety, efficiency and convenience to riders.

Please fill out the form below and submit electronically, by printing and returning to our office (Helena Public Schools Transportation, 3020 Big Sky Loop, Helena, MT 59602) or by scanning and emailing to